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intella Research delivers intelligence to businesses in real-time. intella enables rich market research by providing our clients with access to our on-demand surveys and verified online community. intella operates at both scale and speed, collecting our data digitally and sharing our insights in real-time.

Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research

Our Solutions

Credible feedback

Ensure high levels of quality control by Using advanced technology tools.

Real time results

Access analytical tools for real time response analytics & data visualization.

Finding niche audiences

Reach & engage your hard-to-find consumer profiles

Insights On Demand

At intella, we understand that sharp decision making requires fast and accurate data. We empower our clients to make bolder moves by delivering real time consumer insights to cater for today’s on-demand economy.

Our Solutions
Quick Turn Custom Surveys

Whether your audience is general or niche, we cater to both! Build your target audience profile, upload your questions or survey goals, and enjoy monitoring your results in real time

Online Focus Groups

Whether you want our help in running the focus group or recruiting for it only, we are always here for you

Brand Insights

We help you strengthen your brand performance by tracking your brand equity and using data to optimize your brand performance

Our solution offers real time access and profile targeting with enhanced credibility
Real time insights

Insights are delivered in real time through digital dashboards as they are captured. This allows the client to monitor the progress and request any changes on the questions/objectives as the data is being populated

User profiles

We have +70K users in KSA who are part of our network. This enables us to tap into various user profiles no matter how niche. Clients get to customize their target audience according to their desired objectives

Data credibility

All the data captured is verifiable and traceable. In addition to the panelists being vetted on our system, we use advanced machine learning technologies to ensure the highest level of data accuracy.

High adaptability

Data needs might change after we launch, particularly after initial insights are being uncovered. Not only do we recommend possible amendments, but we also give clients the full flexibility to make changes to the live research.

Traditional versus tech-driven market research
Tech-driven market research has higher accuracy and allows for user re-targeting.
FeatureTraditional market researchTechnology driven market research
Ability to re-target
Very low
Very high
Time to insights
6-8 weeks
Real time
Data accuracy
Limited quality
Very high
Dynamic adaptations
Very limited
Fraud protection