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Access analytical tools for real time response analytics & data visualization.

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Reach & engage your hard-to-find consumer profiles

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Ensure high levels of quality control by Using advanced technology tools.

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At intella, we understand that sharp decision making requires fast and accurate data. We empower our clients to make bolder moves by delivering real time consumer insights to cater for today’s on-demand economy.

Our Solutions

Quick Turn Custom Surveys

Whether your audience is general or niche, we cater to both! Build your target audience profile, upload your questions or survey goals, and enjoy monitoring your results in real time

Online Focus Groups

Whether you want our help in running the focus group or recruiting for it only, we are always here for you

Brand Insights

We help you strengthen your brand performance by tracking your brand equity and using data to optimize your brand performance


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Surveys Delivered



Our Online Community

We strongly believe that by taking good care of our community members, our clients benefit – and vice versa. Intella enables direct engagement with both niche and vast consumer audiences who are part of our vast data ecosystem. Our clients can customize their own target audience attributes or pick from the available personas below:

Market Specific Reports

Stay updated on ongoing market trends and get access to industry specific reports covering multiple verticals such as fintech, healthcare, automotive, education, banking, retail, and many more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inspiration comes in many ways and you like to save everything from.

How much will a survey cost?

Pricing depends on the type of audience, length of survey and desired sample size. You may control the final price by adjusting those 3 variables to cater for your budget.

What if I need help drafting my questions?

Our team of researchers are there for you! We offer additional services that include survey & objectives drafting and design to cater for your business goals & needs.

What if I want to reach a niche target audience?

Then you came to the right platform, as reaching hard-to-find audiences is our bread & butter. Simply tick the demographics and attributes you are looking for and we'll match it with our vast member database.

Why would users answer my surveys?

We incentivize our online community to participate in surveys. We strongly believe that by taking good care of our community members, our clients benefit – and vice versa

How is the response quality being monitored?

we utilize different tools to ensure high quality control measures are in place. Not online is our online community strictly verified, we also have algorithms in place that track question response times and answer patterns. Any responses that don’t match the minimum acceptable standards are automatically excluded

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