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MENA’s first real time intelligence provider

At intella, we understand that sharp decision making requires fast and accurate data. We empower our clients to make bolder moves by delivering real time intelligence. When we talk about data intelligence we talk about data in multiple forms including real-time time consumer insights, multi dialect Arabic voice transcription and smart bot analytics.

Our Products

intella Voice

At intella, we offer the most accurate voice-to-text transcription engine encompassing over 25 Arab dialects. All with a simple click of a button. Since our transcriber is built using advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing models, it gets smarter every time you use it!

intella Chat

intella chat is a one stop software that connects businesses with their customers in a seamless way. Other than the programmed bots, it is equipped with an advanced tracking tool. The software allows for monitoring and tracking of audience behavior across different digital channels.

intella Research

intella research delivers intelligence to businesses in real-time. intella enables accurate consumer insights by providing clients with access to our on-demand surveys and verified online community. intella operates at both scale and speed, collecting our data digitally and sharing our insights in real-time.


Our Online Community

We strongly believe that by taking good care of our community members, our clients benefit – and vice versa. intella enables direct engagement with both niche and vast consumer audiences who are part of our vast data ecosystem. Our clients can customize their own target audience attributes or pick from the available personas below:

Tech savvy
Blue collar
White collar
Generation X

Our Clients

Verified Community Members

Surveys Delivered



Market Specific Reports

Stay updated on ongoing market trends and get access to industry specific reports covering multiple verticals such as fintech, healthcare, automotive, education, banking, retail, and many more

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